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After you successfully purchased your copy of Zax theme then uploaded to themes from dashboard then with first Activate : Zax home list will welcoming you to the registration menu and process you to register in Themecompiler forum and support area also will allow you to send technical Tickets by signing your purchase code, then you can navigate and click on other menus, the list located on dashboard admin bar its ready from front-end too, the same list is located from dash navigate bar too, you can find theme options panel, extensions, system check too, that nicely provided to fix your issues in a very clean and smart way, pretty simple and easy to follow, all we made is about a better UI/UX quality solution. start buy a copy now ?! we are ready to serve you.



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SSL Certificate validated

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SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites in the protection of their online transactions with their customers.
SSL enabled on our website as the main secure goal for better serving our visitors and customers to be trusted and be safe against virus and whole other attacks this secure system based on cloudflare servers, as the originality of our company and securing the service connections we enabled SSL certification on themecompiler main domain and it will be visible on all sub-domains as soon as posible.



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The Front-End magics

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The theme compiler’s page builders thus who integrated with Zax; theme, if you want to use visual composer just click on the button of front-end or back-end for one of the purposes yes you can and if you want to use Elementor page builder the best front-end page builder again yes you can do it and if you want to edit with Divi page builder from back-end or front-end for sure you are allowed! to edit your page with one of the best global page builders Ever!, all The three Zax; page builder extensions are ready in any post/portfolio editor also any page editor there you can click on one and visually your page will be formed for your chosen page builder for the certain page, in this case you can use any builder on any page it’s easier and quicker design solution ever developed, click the Edit With one magic of page building and edit live in seconds such as play game. they are very powerful – fast – simple front-end and back-end editors also coding knowledge is in shame with our top page builders, you can drag-drop anything you want in seconds visually quickly edit colors, typography, backgrounds resize columns, click mobile screen quickly fix your pixels to fit any element for any screen you want, move, edit, design, add, remove then Save! see the view of your website as live, change responsive icons to see different screen sizes on your way, find the best elements and customize them as you want and that’s not all. but we are able to recommend you widgets, add-ons for any purposes even we will make them the never ever ever happen ones. they are design magics! they comes with any update and supported under our professional support team. you are always glad with us – and you will be your leader when you been the owner of a license.



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Introducing Our Work!

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The deep Compiling WorPress needs by ThemeCompiler will made all in one theme product for any website witch uses WorPress is the definition of our company, It’s our first project and also we can decide that it’s last, because we worked on it for along time, late nights, hundred cups of coffee, to build it up by anyway, and now it’s time to share this hidden product, this is the main company website and the Zax theme demo site will be shared next month, all we can say about Zax is the work quality and inside management of the theme, it’s another market premium wordpress theme same work but with new design strategies, better solutions, we will make it better it’s only the first version, but with every updates we will add more functions, structures also options with new demos to the site and we will forward it to more easier and nicer, our plan based on unique design strong but simple structure and best quality also safe and the price will make you mad! for example you will make a site for your job by $1500 budget but at last that design will make thousands of problems on your way, imagine that you will pay us a small amount half of $100 but you will save your time work and money ! , every time you will download the newer copy with every versions and new innovations for free once you purchased a license, also you will get your professional support with us for unlimited time, with amazing monthly gifts.

Hit on buy now! till you are die we will stay here to serve your work. with the best web design solution.



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